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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NATO in a Determined Fight in Afghanistan But Confused in Other Matters

To Save Lives, NATO Is Razing Booby-Trapped Afghan Homes

slkbrooke Afghan handover could run past 2015 in some areas: NATO #tcot #warnews

slkbrooke Senior Nato Official: Afghanistan will see 'eye-watering' levels of violence after troops leave #tcot

Canada: 950 soldiers, staff to remain in Afghanistan: sources

slkbrooke RT @jetts424 @politico House Republicans want David Petraeus to testify - Gordon Lubold -

ElyssaD RT @nigroeneveld: Cyber Defense and NATO: An Attack on One, an Attack on All? #cyberwar #infosec #nato

To avoid angering the Turks, Israel has scrapped plans to take part in a NATO naval drill. - Haaretz

slkbrooke New leak exposes MoD fury at defence cutbacks #tcot #Britain #military