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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US Says Iran Sanctions Are Working But Israel, China and Russia Are Not So Sure Plus Other News

New sanctions led by U.S. are causing divisions within the Iranian leadership, Gates says via @washingtonpost

AFP: Not clear Iran sanctions will work: Israeli military chief

China, Russia urge Iran to show nuclear plans peaceful

Joint Iran-Egypt bank used to bypass sanctions

US spares Japan firm from Iran sanctions via @washingtonpost

The Canadian Press: Exiled Iranian ex-Air Force pilot claims Iran's military rife with rebellion

Iran-Afghanistan railway 'on agenda' - GlobalTimes - Series of Diplomatic Failures Plagues Iran's Efforts to Gain Prestige

Iran says foreign planes violated its airspace via @washingtonpost

RT@httweets:Russia and Iran try to mend historic rift in ties - Hindustan Times

Iran informs Turkey of missile shield concerns - Taiwan News Online