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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dark and Bright Sides of WikiLeaks

I have always said here at the blog that Intellicept3 will not cover or promote the intelligence proliferated by Wikileaks all over the Internet. I believe that this pose a danger to the guys who are protecting us whether they be soldiers, spies, analysts or policy makers. It hampers their jobs and put their lives in danger. But still it would be worth noting what this act has brought was not entirely bad news for everyone.

The embassy cables actually posed a big dent on diplomacy and will never be the same again. Assange and the Wikileak group may sincerely think that they are doing things to keep world leaders honest but sometimes you cannot just throw out everything what you talk about with your neighbors out in the open field. Nobody likes people who kiss and tell since most of the time what friends or acquaintances talk about are presumed to be just between the two of them and is not for public consumption. From now on world leaders will be very wary of the United States since they don’t know if and when their dirty laundry will be exposed for the whole world to see. These will tie-up the hands of the intelligence people and also the policy makers.

The greatest danger to the leaks though is that it gave the bad guys a better appreciation of how things work out in governments. Strengths and weaknesses can be understood and exploited like never before. In cases like these the dangers are long term and may come only after the masses have forgotten about what Wikileaks has done.

On the bright side, we can see that those we presume to be good guys (Israel and America) , are indeed trying to be good guys out there. Assuming that the leaks are indeed made in an honest way and candidly coming out from the minds of those writing them from their embassy offices, I feel blessed that God put people in those positions who are indeed trying to their jobs with good intentions.

Still we feel that what Wikileaks did endanger the good guys and gave the bad ones even more information that they can use. We still hope that they will be stopped and brought to justice in the immediate future.