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Thursday, December 2, 2010

News on Israel: Israel Fights Fire and Terrorists

Biggest-ever Israeli forest fire kills dozens

Disaster in the North: 40 dead as fire rages across Carmel Mountains - Haaretz

European nations answer Netanyahu's call for help with Carmel fire - Haaretz

IDFSpokesperson Overnight, IDF arrested 3 wanted Palestinians in West Bank. Suspects were taken for security questioning.

LizzieViolet RT@IDFSpokesperson: Terrorists involved in last night's thwarted attack found w/ weapons, explosives on their bodies-

Improved intel cited as Israel reduces troops in West Bank

Lieberman blames Arab leaders for rising racism among Israeli Jews - Haaretz

Shas urges PM to oppose IDF conversion bill,7340,L-3992540,00.html

The Associated Press: Hamas: No al-Qaida in Gaza but zealots on rise