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Monday, January 3, 2011

Israel and US Losing Interest in Settlements Makes Palestinians Rushes to Statehood Plus Other Related News

Interesting - Netanyahu: Israel agreed to new settlement freeze but U.S. retracted offer - Haaretz

The Associated Press: Israel's Labor: We'll quit if no progress to peace

Hamas Leader Zahar urges Fatah to abandon futile peace process

Hamas: Chances to end split diminish

2 at J'lem British Consulate charged with aiding Hamas on Soccer bombing plan via @Jerusalem_Post

PA official: Chile, Uruguay to recognize Palestinian state via @Jerusalem_Post

Medvedev nixes visit over Foreign Ministry labor dispute via @Jerusalem_Post

IDF probing shooting death of unarmed Palestinian via @Jerusalem_Post

Did Palestinians lie about protestor's death?,7340,L-4008561,00.html

Fatah on 46th Anniversary: We Will Continue Fighting for Right of Return, Holy Places

Jewish community head denies meeting Assad in Syria via @Jerusalem_Post

C-in-C of Israel's covert war on Iran retires at its high point

Israeli President Peres Prods U.S. on Iran Policy During Napolitano Visit -

Suspected Israeli neo-Nazi arrested upon extradition from Kyrgyzstan - Haaretz

'Dahlan planned to undertake coup in West Bank' via @Jerusalem_Post

Opposition groups urge Jordanian government to sever ties with Israel - Haaretz