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Monday, January 3, 2011

US Continues Diplomatic Rounds to Ease Security Concerns Plus Other Terrorism News

Bosworth to Asia to discuss Koreas' future - via @upi_top

Chavez, Clinton shake hands, chat amid tensions -

U.S. may propose new ambassador to Venezuela - Fox News Latino

Napolitano: FBI to Assist in Nigerian Bombing Investigation -

AFP: Three Iraqis, two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Dobroyeutro Report: #Bout says US offered him lighter sentence (AP) | Relevant News

US: Arrest of Russian deputy PM to cause 'long term damage',7340,L-4008594,00.html

Airports Contemplating Dumping TSA After All The Hue And Cry – AltTransport:

Presidents Calls for Making Constitution in a Short Time

Greece to build wall on EU-Turkey border

Jordan Islamists: leader detained in Saudi Arabia - Ahram Online