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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Israel Wrestles With the EU and Egypt Over Peace Talks Plus Other Related News

Lieberman to EU chief: If you want Gaza blockade to end, help stop weapons smuggling - Haaretz

AFP: EU's Ashton meets Palestinian chief in talks drive

Netanyahu and Mubarak to meet in bid to revive stalled Mideast peace talks - Haaretz

Netanyahu to tell Mubarak: We won't let Hamas and Hezbollah disturb the quiet - Haaretz

Mubarak to Bibi: Threats against Hamas threaten region,7340,L-4010115,00.html

Want to be assured of the most important thing?

PA frees 6 Hamas prisoners on hunger strike in Hebron via @Jerusalem_Post
Israeli military chief: Draft ultra-Orthodox Jews via @washingtonpost

AFP: Palestinians look for early vote on (settlements) UN resolution

Gender segregation still OK on Israeli buses, with caveats | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians on Gaza border
AFP: White House notes 'serious crimes' of Israeli spy

Lieberman invites Turkish counterpart for ‘honest dialogue’ via @Jerusalem_Post

Knesset approves commission to look into left-wing groups via @Jerusalem_Post
‘This jeopardizes development of Israel's largest project' via @Jerusalem_Post