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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pakistan Deals With Radical Support of Taseer's Killer Plus Other Terrorism News

How Pakistan responded to Salmaan Taseer's assassination via @guardian

VOA | Demonstrators Prevent Court Appearance of Alleged Pakistani Assassin |

AFP: Chaos over Pakistan 'assassin' court appearance

Passengers thwart (terrorist) attempt to hijack plane | Herald Sun

Mali: French embassy attacker claims al-Qaida link - World AP -

Rowdy welcome in Najaf, Iraq for Shia cleric Moqtadr Sadr

Bahrain Shiites reject court-appointed lawyers

Women Against Shariah: Saudi Arabia Clamps Down On Bloggers, News Sites, Others

What is the state of global terrorism today? FP Survey -

IslamBlog Denmark: 30% see Islam as a threat to Denmark

The Beating and Torture of a new Christian at the Shahryar detention center « Persecution News