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Monday, January 24, 2011

South America, Leftists and Arabs Tag-Teams Over Israel with New Calls for Plaestinian Statehood and A Giant Flotilla

Likud's Knesset faction backs probe into Leftist Israeli NGOs - Haaretz

Pro--Palestinian groups plan largest Gaza flotilla ever

Now this is democracy - The Associated Press: Palestinian charged with insulting leader online

Police arrest 27 Israeli Arabs, seize illegal weapons, explosives and ammunition - The Canadian Press

Praise God - Foreign Ministry workers' strike over after 4 weeks,7340,L-4018134,00.html

IDF: Soldiers acted properly in 2 checkpoint incidents,7340,L-4018518,00.html
INTERVIEW-Greece in exploratory talks with Israel on gas | Reuters
Chairman of Israel's gas panel receives death threats - Haaretz

Israel to Double Profit Taxes on Gas and Oil Extraction -

As Expected - Turkey Rejects Israeli Panel's Support of Raid on Aid Ship -

Hamas blames Mossad, not Army of Islam, for Egypt bomb (Extra) - Monsters and Critics

Israeli Ministry Calls for Sanctioning Local Firms over Joining Palestinian Boycott