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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arab Uprising Fallout: Communications Shutdown As Libya Frees 110 Terrorists to Calm. Unrest Continues in Bahrain and Yemen

slkbrooke The Mideast Right Now: Internet Shutdown In Bahrain, Violence In Yemen, Media Blackout In Iran via @businessinsider

Libya frees 110 jailed Islamists - Times LIVE

Anti-government protests spread to Libya

Riot breaks out in Libyan city of Benghazi

The Canadian Press: Oil prices rising on concerns of spreading Middle East unrest in Libya

AFP: US urges Libya to meet needs of its people

Saudis ready to aid Bahraini ruler. First riots in Libya after Yemen,

Police off streets during march for 2nd slain protester in Bahrain -

Bahrain protesters gather in capital for third day | Reuters

Yemen protesters clash, police unable to regain calm

AFP: Iraq to slash politicians' wages amid protests - Jordan's Top Diplomat Says Middle East Revolutions Will Not Affect King's Rule

Palestinian Erekat says he resigned to set example, not because of contents of leak

AFP: Three killed at Mogadishu pro-peace demo

EU Faces Challenge Of A Widening Wave Of Migrants : NPR

Iraq premier seeks to repair relations with Kuwait -

New Egyptian constitutional referendum in two months - Times LIVE