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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iran's Unique Way of Fighting Back - Check Mate Israel and the US

Iran's way of fighting back not only against protesters but against the West supporting the crowd, provides us a glimpse of how dangerous it can be when pinned against the wall. Sure it goes the usual path of violent regimes of hurting its own people if they cry out against their governments, but it does something more deadly. Iran drags the rest of the world into conflict thereby deflecting the world's attention to the real issue.

Iran started by seeing the Egyptian protest as an opportunity to expand its Islamic influence as it fueled the fire of the angry crowd. But things suddenly turned against Iran as its own people began protesting as well seeing the success of the Egyptians. The West supported this revolt publicly.

Seeing itself getting cornered by protests it made a dangerous move to stem the tide and once again it used Egypt. Two Iranian warships made its presence felt in the Suez Canal, suddenly raising oil prices and threatening global trade since lots of ships use it. Such act also raises the possibility of war as it comes dangerously close to Israel. As these things happen, Hezbollah (an Iranian proxy) warns of overtaking Galilee, raising tensions on the other side of Israel. Then as a way to show how it got the Jewish state cornered, terrorists in the Sinai shows how they can create chaos on another side of Israel's borders. Most analysts say that among those are Hamas who also get support from Iran.

Iran, a nation said to be one of the inventors of chess, has seemingly check mated both the US and Israel. It waited patiently for years to get nuclear weapons, develop Hezbollah, give support to Hamas, using them whenever Iran needs to fight back Western pressure by threatening violence in Israel. It patiently waited for Middle East tensions to rise bringing Egypt down and the biggest prize so far all the while violently controlling its local enemies. It gives the West a preview of how capable it can be if indeed it decides to use a military strike on Iran to curb its nuclear plans.

Iran is most dangerous when it's back is against the wall and it has nowhere to go.