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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Squeeze on Israel Begins As Iran Brings War Ships to Suez Canal, Muslim Brotherhood Strengthens in Egypt and Hezbollah Aims for Galilee

Two Iranian warships transit Suez for Syria, tighten siege on Israel

Iranian warships to cross Mediterranean

Oil surges on Iran ship movements - Channel NewsAsia

Obama 'aware' of Iranian warships heading to Suez Canal,7340,L-4029830,00.html

Egypt unaware of Iranian warships head to Suez Canal,7340,L-4029842,00.html

It begins: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood seeks state based on "Islamic values" : Hyscience

Israel must prepare for worst in Egypt - Netanyahu

Israel okays extra Egypt troops in Sinai: report - AFP

Israel's military unready for Sinai front. Tantawi is no friend

Report: African migrants abused, ransomed in Sinai | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

Israel troops may 'have to re-enter' Lebanon - AFP

(Israeli PM) Netanyahu to Nasrallah (Hezbollah): Stay in your bunker

tehran times : Be ready to liberate Galilee, Nasrallah tells Hezbollah fighters