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Monday, February 7, 2011

NATO Concern Over Stingy Europe Security Budgets While SKorea Talks and Prepares for North Plus More Terrorism News

Nato chief warns Europe over defence budgets -

Lockerbie widow 'disgusted' by report findings - BBC

Merkel, Sarkozy urge Poland to join EU economy pact,7340,L-4025178,00.html

Nasdaq admits security breach, denies data access by hackers - Banking Business Review

S. Korea to build up marines to bolster defense on Yellow Sea islands

Rival Koreas gear up for talks this week to ease tension | Reuters

EagleSpeak: Somali Pirates: Indian Navy, Coast Guard capture another pirate ship, 52 arrested
Ten Al Qaeda suspects stand trial in Yemen

US to recognize south Sudan, delist north (on terror list) - AFP

Hariri ally quits talks on new Lebanon govt - AFP

AFP: Eight killed in disputed Somali village