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Monday, February 7, 2011

No More Foreign Cooking Shows in Iran While it Gets Snubbed in Munich Security Meeting Plus Other News

Iran bans foreign cooking shows on state TV

Iranian FM barred from Munich security conference

Iranian FM to visit Algeria next week - AFP

Iranian ambassador meets Afghan VPs

Dutch recall Iran envoy in burial row

ynetnews #israel Iran says it began mass production of ballistic missiles:

Iran to launch several satellites: Ahmadinejad - AFP

Impt - Iranian opposition recruits disgruntled Revolutionary Guard to cripple Ahmadinejad - Telegraph

AFP: Kabul denies agreeing to buy all fuel from Iran

Basmati rice export hit by Iranian payment row - The Economic Times

Iran finds way round petrol sanctions -

‘Iran firm to smash terrorist Jundullah group’

Protests in Iran against ban on wearing hijab in Azerbaijan