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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Can Obama Anticipate the Next Possible Chaos?

The Obama administration got a lot of flak from all sides for not anticipating the Middle East unrest. The CIA's abilities in providing correct intelligence has been undermined as of late. Is there a way for the Obama administration to anticipate at least the big picture (it will eventually miss some of the details) of the possible crucial events in the always unstable Middle East and the rest of the world?

First Obama has long said he is a Christian and I will not question that and I am realy glad he is. One way to really get a grip of world events is to go back to the Bible. The ancient book has much to say to the trends and overall picture and direction of what is happening today.

There must be a paradigm shift in the way the President and his staff should look at things. A purely secular view just doesn't quite work anymore. Looking at countries and leaders mainly in terms of politics and economics is not enough. Some leaders, mostly among radical Muslims are also driven by strongly held religious beliefs which to them are more important to any financial or material reward in this world but sadly leads to violence.

Finally, Americans should also realize again that there is indeed evil in this world. Mysticism which eradicated the concept of evil have been embraced by the secular world. The present leaders feel that as long as everyone is contented economically, everything will be fine. Any problem which surfaces should be deep down economic in nature. But as we can see, terrorists can come from the learned and the wealthy as well.

We are living in unprecedented times indeed and reflection of what is happening around us is indeed important and looking for answers we will need to go beyond what CNN, BBC and the rest of the secular world has to offer.