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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Jihadist's Non-Violent Ways to Destroy Society

If one thinks that Jihadists only do the violent stuff like blowing people up then you don't understand how sophisticated they can be. Here are some of their non-violent tactics to recruit and acquire every conceivable advantage against their enemies.

1. Jihadists revise history for their own benefit.

a. They Deny the Holocaust

b. They Deny 9/11

2. They cheat on the education system to get student visas.

3. They teach kids the way of Jihad even in American soil

4. They use technology to recruit.

5. They are moving into cyber warfare

6. They confuse the mainstream media.
a. Media's Misplaced Outrage

b. Israel has become a favorite punching bag for the media.

7. They divert international aid to fund their needs.

8. They make a mockery of the United Nations

9. They manipulate the law to their advantage.

10. They make strong nations depend on them for economic needs.

11. They use funds from pirated movies.