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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pakistani Islamic Groups Faulty Logic - Terrorism is because of Americans

When evil is embraced or feared, blindness to the truth and faulty logic occurs. This is what a politician in Pakistan says after some of his party mates were killed in a terrorist attack.

An Islamist politician whose party lost several members in a suicide attack blamed Pakistan's alliance with the U.S. for the violence and urged Islamabad on Tuesday to break ranks in the war on terror.
Source: The Associated Press

If they are really just against the Americans, why not just go after the US soldiers and spare their fellow Muslims?

It is a fact that even most Muslims, do not understand what radical Islam truly wants. Radical Islam will not rest just because Americans are out there, they will kill and maim unless everyone becomes radicalized or becomes a follower of it. A Muslim who does not adhere to the views of radical Islam will be killed as well.

The example of this and its reality is not very far off in terms of current events. Just look at what is happening in Somalia right now. Are Americans reigning over there? And yet they are killing fellow Muslims who are not adhering to their wishes.

And if they are really ought to protect the ordinary Muslim, why are they killing them in the first place. If they hate the Americans in Pakistan, why kill Pakistanis? Why not target Americans alone? This is the reason why countries like the Britain and others who want to appease them or even adopt their philosophies are in very grave danger.

The logic for sympathies are really clouded by evil whether it is embraced or feared.